Studio re-style Inspiration!

Earlier in the year we posted a blog showing you around our little house and you may well have noticed there were no images of our studio! This is due to the fact that although it is the room we spend the most of our time in, its the only one in the whole house we haven’t actually decorated. We have decided this is not at all conducive to creativity and that it requires a complete re-style (instead of the all magnolia walls it currently has)! We have been busy pinning till our hearts content over on our Pinterest page and wanted to share with you some of our ideas for colour schemes etc……..

As well as being our editing/business hub the studio is supposed to have been set up as an actual photo studio for me to use when shooting my portraits (instead of hiring the one I currently use) which so far has been right at the back if my constant to do list since buying the house. So as well as re-styling we will be seeing this through and creating a newborn photo shoot area like the one you can see above πŸ™‚ Once the re-styles complete we will show you around so watch this space……


2 thoughts on “Studio re-style Inspiration!

  1. Looks very nice. I like the colour schemes. Be interested to see the Newborn photoshoot area…..may pay a visit with Baby Mercier once little one arrives πŸ™‚

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